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So, I can legitimately say I watched a few full episode of G1 Transformers last night at some ungodly hour... I'm sure paying for it with the lack of sleep but I knew that was coming. I watched the first four episodes of it and...

Here it comes: it's so corny XD I have plenty of respect for it because it is what kicked off all the other later TV shows/movies but I just can't get over how silly it is at the same time. Up until last night, all I watched from G1 were random clips on YouTube. The series also has plenty of charm and I do like it to a certain extent but so far, my impression of G1 from the clips I watched over the past few years has not changed.

The Decepticons are pure idiots and to be blatantly honest, G1 Starscream makes me want to beat him to death with a medieval battle mace. I love his character in 'Armada' and 'Prime' but in G1, he's straightout annoying. Megatron is just simply laughable... Thundercracker is starting to grow on me now (maybe it's that sexy voice XD) and Soundwave is still awesome.

As for the Autobots, I love them in this series (although I have to admit my mind was fucked when I saw them fly. Wasn't expecting that really... Or am I that much of a n00b?). Optimus is still my favorite Autobot of all time and now I have a new respect for Mirage. The only thing I don't like about them is Bumblebee and his voice. I have to admit, I like his voice in TFA or even the squeaks in 'Prime' better than his G1 voice.

But alas!!! I will stomach it and watch it until I can't watch any more of it just so I can say that I have seen the first continuity. I don't know why G-whiners beatify this series though...
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I am not an artist nor will I be submitting art. I'm only here to view art and that's about it. Trust me, you don't want me to submit art... You don't. The best thing you will get will be stick figures!

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